Photo Hut, Mini Portraits

PHOTO HUT has for years offered instant mini-portraits for people who need just a quick wallet size portrait for publication in a newsletter or to accompany a press release. Similar to a passport photo, these are offered in Black & White or Color and come in sets of two. Unlike Passport photos, we take two individual shots so you have a choice of poses right away or may opt for a second set of two for a discounted price. Since you see them right away, you know before you leave if you have what you need.

If there is more time available, we can shoot onto 35mm film for next day pickup. This option is best when larger quantities or enlarged sizes are needed. Once the cost of shooting is covered, the price per print is much more affordable and we keep the negative on file for future use. Medical students and residents who must frequently apply to many different schools or hospitals and business travelers are most likely to use this option. They may be printed in Color or B&W. An appointment is suggested for all 35mm shoots.

Portraits shot onto 35mm film can also be enlarged up to 20 x 30" for parties and special events or printed as 5 x 7" or 8 x 10" and framed as gifts. A typical session costs $20.00 or less to shoot.