Everyone knows that preserving those molding and fading old movies and slides on video tape is the greatest gift one family member can give another. But to gather and sort those long-neglected treasures and find a reliable place to have them transferred can be quite an ordeal.

We at PHOTO HUT can't help much with getting them out of the basement, but once you get them in some kind of order we take over and the rest is easy.

Your films are cleaned and lubricated then spliced onto 400' reels prior to transfer. There is no charge for the new reel but we do charge $1.00 for each needed splice. The same charge is applied for each repair of broken, burnt or torn film or sprockets that may be detected. This ensures a smooth-running presentation with a minimum of jumps and skips. The blank parts and severely damaged sections are edited out on the tape, but returned to you so nothing you gave us is thrown away.

Slides are projected in the order you specify and are on the screen for about 10 seconds each -- though that can be changed if you prefer. We will project them in the order you choose, so please spend some time sorting them and attaching numbers to each box or group of slides.

We can also put prints up to 8x10 onto video for $1.00 each. Once again, please number the back of each print in the order you would like them to appear in the video. We can transfer movies, slides and prints onto the same tape, but each media must be grouped together.

If you would like titles added please type or print what you would like and tell us where you would like it placed. For readability we suggest shorter titles of 15 words or less. Music may be added at your request as well. You may provide your own CD or Cassette tape or we can add Easy Listening from our own library.

Since large orders can get somewhat costly, you might consider enlisting other family members to share the cost. Duplicate tapes can be made for less than $15.00 either at the time the order is placed or any time afterwards. It is recommended to have at least one extra copy made in the event it is damaged in your VCR or recorded over by a tape-starved sports fan. This has happened to customers of ours and without the original tape safely locked away, there is no alternative to having the whole transfer done over again. A duplicate tape is like a cheap insurance policy and the original tape can be used to strike additional copies in the likely event someone else wants a copy years later.